Unemployed Loans

Being unemployed doesn't mean that you can't get a loan
You can borrow up to £2500

Representative example of rates, amount borrowed £1500 over 12 months, rate 99% pa (fixed), 12 repayments of £201.63, total repayable £2419.56 representative 99% APR

No Job, Not a Problem

Just because you don't
have a job, doesn't mean
you don't have an income

No Upfront Costs

There are no upfront charges
for a loan on this site, everything
is free - permanently!
Seconds to Decision (avg)
Applications Each Day
Loan Offers Made Per Day
£'s Average Loan Amount

Don't Fail Yourself!

Out of work? We can still HELP!

Site Principles

Site Principles

Who We Are

We are part of a bigger network of sites, we are involved in lending to both prime and sub prime borrowers. Over 10 years of experience.

Our Promise To You

We haven't already made our mind up! Unlike other sites, this site will not decline you because you don't have a regular income. We will look at you, not just your employment.

There is no cost to applying for a loan with us, we give you a straight answer within 90 seconds of clicking submit. It will be a full decision, not a decision if you can do xyz, a simple yes or no.

No Pre-Judgement

Short, mid and long term loans

Absolutely no fees

Immediate decision on applications

Decisions On Your Circumstances

Deal direct with lender

No guarantor needed

Fast Links

Is it right to lend to the unemployed?

Is this site licensed by the FCA?

How can the unemployed pay money back?

This site and the media

Money Advice Service

We do sometimes joke about the Money Advice Service, they are a Government recommended organisation that has had to slim down due to lack of funds. Yet seems (like the Government) more than happy to give out advice to others on how to manage finances. If you want to speak to them, feel free by clicking here
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