About Us


Who Are We?

Unemployed loans is part of a network of sites that provide funding to those that mainstream lenders don't want to touch, mostly because of the bad PR they would receive.

The site is owned and run as part of a network of sites that includes QuickLoans.co.uk. We have been involved in lending since 2006. Since we launched we have constantly tried to push the boundries of bringing new products to the market. Our company is built on innovation, if we stood still we would be quickly passed by our competitors. Finance is an ever evolving environment, regulatory bodies telling us who we can and can't lend to are always a concern. We will always challenge that in the interests of our customers.

Why We Are Different!

There are a lot of lenders who are now so scared to take, because of tighter regulations, are scared to take a chance on certain borrowers. This means that there are a significant portion of the public that can not obtain finance.

We are different because we are willing to think outside the box, push the boundries and come up with new solutions to problems that cause others to give up.

Giving the Unemployed Loans is tricky, but we are not going to exclude people because they don't currently have a job. There maybe hundreds of reasons why people without employment would benefit from a loan.The least we can do is listen to their reasons and make a informed decision.

Sustainable Lending Models

Open and Transparent

Lending With Integirty

Win Win For All

The Future

The site will continue to lend to those that are currently without work, we will continue to resist calls from those who think that certain people don't deserve credit.

What we want is a freedom of choice for our customers, we continue to believe that it is for individuals to decide if they should apply for, and benefit from obtaining credit.

The one key princinple of all our sites that we will without doubt keep, is the "free to use" aspect to the process. At no point will we ever charge upfront fees for any of our products.
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