Other Options - You might not need a loan

Loans are not for everyone, there are other options available. We feel we have a responsibility to point out some of these options to our potential customers in order for them to make a more informed decision.

We don't think that people would benefit from one of our loans if they do not have any source of income on the horizon. Although the site is called “Unemployed Loans”, this doesn't refer to those who have no source of income. It just refers to those who do not work. People can still have income from other sources without actually being employed, benefits, pensions, shares etc.

If you are one of the people who do not have any source of income, we would urge you to seek more appropriate help from places such as the debt charity if you are struggling with existing repayments.

Still need a loan whilst on benefits? There is a specialist website out there that handles loan requests from people who are on benefits. We've heard good things about them, so we are happy to pass on their details to others.

If you are struggling with the rising living costs, the last thing you need is to take out extra debt and increase the pressures that you are already facing. Without knowing your personal circumstances it would be impossible for us to give specific advice. The organisations we would advise you to get in touch with are:

The Citizens Advice Bureau

These are a great place to get help. The can check to see if you are claiming all the help that you are entitled to.

Step Change

If the costs of debt repayments are stacking up, you might be better off trying to come to some sort of arrangement with your creditors. Most creditors these days are open to arrangements to help you stay out of trouble. Step change seemed to be the most popular first port of call for those in this situation. We don't recommend any particular debt charity; this is just the one that we hear of most.

There are of course many different charities that offer help, customers should do their research using sites like Google to better understand the differences that each offer. Please be careful though as some charge, we wouldn't recommend any of those, especially when there are free alternatives available. 

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